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ByAndrew Jones

Auto Locksmith in Toronto

Robb Gerald

I recently bought a new car, it came with only one car key and I knew I would need to get a spare made. Before I had the chance to make an appointment I lost the original key, this lead me to calling Expert Auto Locksmiths. They sent a tech out to my home and he made the new key in about 30 minutes from when he arrived, he also made the spare I needed. Thanks!

ByAndrew Jones

Emergency Auto Locksmith Service

Jennifer Allman

The other evening I stopped to get some gasoline on the way home from a very stressful day at work, after I ran inside to pay I realized I did not have my car keys. I ran back to my car to see them sitting inside the ignition. Panicked I called Expert Auto Locksmith, they had a guy at my side in what felt like 5 minutes. They unlocked my car and I was back on my way home is under a hour. SO thankful to have a local company I can count on.

ByAndrew Jones

Car Key Programming in Toronto

Jason Culter

My wife’s car had a remote attached to the key, it NEVER worked! I called Expert Auto Locksmiths and they came right out and programmed the remote I had to the car so now she is able to unlock and lock the doors with a push of a button! Thank you so much guys!

ByAndrew Jones

Ignition Repair & Replacement in Toronto

Matthew Bestern

My grandfather has a older Mercedes, he has given it to me as a project car, which is just perfect. I was able to get most of the engine completed and went to start it up but the key would not turn. I called Expert Auto Locksmith and made an appointment to have the ignition technician come out to work on it. He was able to repair the ignition and make me a new key and the car started right up! Thanks so much!

ByAndrew Jones

24-Hour Car Key Locksmith

Andrea Premi

I lost my car keys at the shopping mall the other night, I was devastated. I had both of my children with me and it was freezing cold. I called Expert Auto Locksmiths and they sent an emergency car locksmith directly out and he made me a new key in under a hour and we were back on our way home in no time! He even let the kids sit inside his van to keep warm, truly great company to work with!

ByAndrew Jones

Car Lock Change in Toronto

Lucy Olarinn

Having children is great, having children who like to try to open you car door with a toy key is not so great. My son got his plastic toy key stuck inside my car door and I did not know about it until I was running late for work and could not get my key to go inside the door. I didn’t know what to do but my neighbor recommended I call Expert Auto Locksmiths and I am glad I did. Within a hour I had a technician at my home changing the car door lock on my car and made it into work before lunch! Thank you once again!